Civil War Era Shawl

I am super in to genealogy. During my research I have come across many ancestors who served in the military, from the English Civil War in 1650, to relatives who served in Vietnam. I have direct ancestors who served in every major American conflict though WWI. What has always interested me the most is the American Civil War. I recently joined the Daughters of Union Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

My youngest daughter and I decided that we would like to attend some Civil War reenactments this spring and summer. Of course, we want to dress the part! So, I have started exploring the fashion of the era and my first project was making a shawl.

I purchased some dLana Rustica wool yarn at One City Market in Rogersville, MO and got to work. The intention was to create a shawl like the one in Godey’s Ladies Book from 1864. The pattern is strikingly similar to the Outlander Carolina Shawl. The Carolina Shawl is basically the Winter Shawl from Godey’s. FYI, the knits in the show, Outlander, are gorgeous, but generally not period correct.

It took me 4 or 5 days, and the shawl is fabulous!


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