crocheted blue and red heart for ukraine

Crochet a Small Two-Color Heart

I wanted to do something to show my support for Ukraine. I know that the unit I am supporting in Poland will likely encounter refugees in the very near future, if they haven’t already. So, I decided that a small crocheted heart would be a nice way to show refugees in Poland that people in the United States support them. I am sending a few dozen of these little hearts to service members in Poland, hoping that they make their way to Ukrainian refugees.

I had to do a little trial and error to create this two-color heart, so I thought I would share in case anyone else would like to do something similar.

I began with a small, basic heart pattern and then made a few adjustments.

The pattern I started with was from Hooked by Robin and she has a nice video on youtube that shows in a little over 5 minutes how to crochet a basic heart. You can watch her video here: How to Crochet a Heart in just 2 MINUTES! ❤

I made a few small tweaks, and have written out the pattern, with the changes to make a two-color heart.

Two-Color Heart Pattern

Use any size yarn you would like and any hook appropriate for the yarn you choose. I chose a sport weight yarn and a 5 mm hook.

Start with a magic ring or chain 3, slip stitch in to first chain to form a circle. (You will be crocheting into the middle of whichever circle you create. You will crochet over the tails of the yarn to hide them, and so that they all end up at the top middle of your finished heart. This also makes the process super fast, since you don’t have to weave in any ends)

Chain 2.

3 treble crochet into the ring (Remember to crochet over the tail of the yarn).

3 double crochet into the ring.

Chain 1.

1 treble crochet into the ring. On your last yarn over to complete the treble crochet, yarn over with the second color yarn. Cut the yarn from the first color, as you are now finished with it. Leave a tail long enough to crochet over and to create your braided tie at the end.

1 treble crochet into ring (with new color, crocheting over the 3 tails of yarn you now have)

Chain 1.

3 double crochet into the ring.

3 treble crochet into the ring.

Chain 2.

Slip stitch into ring.

Chain 1. Cut yarn, pull through to secure.

Pull on your original yarn tail to close the circle in the middle of the heart. Take the 4 tails of yarn you have and either weave in the ends or braid them together. If you braid the tails, secure the end with a knot. Attach a tag if desired.

You can also attach a pinch bail to make a necklace!

crocheted heart necklace to support ukrainecrocheted heart to support ukraine


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