Trace Your Ancestry to the American Revolution


Trace Your Ancestry to the American Revolution



Are you an American who has you always wondered if one of your ancestors served in the American Revolution?

If you provide me with what information you have on the first 3 generations of your family, I will do my best to find a Patriot in your lineage. While not every American can trace their ancestry to the Revolution, many Americans have a Patriot ancestor. I cannot guarantee success, but I can guarantee you will discover some wonderful stories about your heritage.

I will trace your ancestry to the American Revolution and provide you with the name and service details of your Patriot ancestor (if you have one), as well as a GEDCOM file. If a Patriot ancestor is not found, I will trace your family back to the earliest origins I can find in the United States. I will also include a 1 – 2 page narrative about your family history in the United States on the family line that either has the Patriot ancestor, or the line I can trace the farthest. I will add documentation to verify each connection in the lineage. And if desired, I will complete one lineage society application with this information.


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